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From the days of no money down signature loans to the foreclosure infested market we finally crept out of, I’ve seen it all. In the past 12 years I have seen the markets take a roller coaster ride. Demands on agents have doubled and technology is booming, causing a lot of stress for agents. Let me take some of that stress away. As a licensed agent myself I completely understand the ins and outs of satisfying the needs of customers, lenders, federal agencies, and corporate compliance. As a college graduate with a Computer Science Major I understand the technology used on a day to day basis to get the job done. It is my goal to bring a wealth of experience and training to agents who are overwhelmed with the demands of the market. If you aren’t quite ready to permanently hire an in-house assistant and don’t want to risk hiring the wrong one, REVA Services, LLC is your solution.
Send me a message and let me show you how REVA Services, LLC can provide the support you need to break the chains of the desk and set you free to grow your business.