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Updated Flyer for REVA Services, LLC


 4223 Wildflower Drive , Gainesville, GA 30501

Wildflower Flier_001Sun. June 28th             2pm to 5pm

Check out the Virtual Tour

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Please stop by and check out this adorable, gleaming, updated home at a great price! There will be refreshments for you on this Hot Summer Day!

Can’t wait to see you there!



Happy Thanksgiving!

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Choosing a Gas Provider with the Winter Months Coming Upon Us!


I bring up this topic only because I just had to make the choice myself and it wasn’t as easy as I originally thought. It is that time of year where I have to decide to renew with the company I am currently with or go with another provider. I have been getting ads in the mail advertising the rates of the company I am with and competitors. One I found was going to be charging about ten cents less per therm than my current provider. Easy decision right? So I login to sign up and I get to the part where you accept all the terms and I thankfully noticed that the monthly fee was going to be $3.04 more than what I am already paying. This when that easy decision wasn’t so easy. They will be taking $3.04 more from me each month no matter how much gas I use, but will the saving from the per therm amount make up the difference or not. Hmmm….Well I took the time and pulled up my therm per month used last year and worked it out for both companies and calculated the difference. One company saved me money during the light months while the other saved me money during the heavy months. The difference in the saving is how I made my decision. The answer:  The cheaper monthly service fee is worth a higher per therm rate. It was for me last year at least. Hope this helps someone else making the same decision.

Not sure if you can see this picture, but it is my work on figuring out which would be best.


RoboForm and National Cyber Security Awareness Month




RoboForm is a program that I use to keep track and secure all my passwords and my clients passwords. I have over 100 personal passwords to keep up with and then add the multiple passwords for all my clients, there would be no way without RoboForm. I am sure I would figure something out, but I am glad I don’t have to.

Well the month of October has been declared National Cyber Security Awareness Month and RoboFrom has been posting some Cyber Security Information all month. This is one I found very interesting and thought I would share. It is a website where you can type in what your password is and it will tell you how hackable your password is. I tried my favorite password (everyone has one) and it would take them 41,736 years to figure it out. That is pretty awesome.

Try Yours Now!

What is REVA Services Working on this Week?

This week as been a little off because of Columbus Day on Monday. My kids got Monday and Tuesday off for Fall Break. When they are home with me all day it does through me a little off I have to say. This week has been busy though. I haven’t Blogged yet this week and that is where I am a little off. Well here is my list of things I have worked on since the last time I posted this. If it does get repetitive I will quit, but for the time being I think there is a chance someone will read this and think “Wow, I never thought about using a VA to do that, but it makes complete since.” So here is my list:

  • Price reduction and paperwork that goes with that.
  • Typing up offers
  • Looking up the availability of properties and setting up showings
  • Typing up amendments to extend closings
  • Checking on a Referral Payment for an Agent
  • Setting up a Termite Inspection
  • Working on my own website
  • Look for information to Blog, Tweet and Facebook about
  • Read other VA Tweets and articles to learn new how others are doing it
  • Blogging, Tweeting, and Posting to my Business Facebook account
  • Checking on Equator for tasks to complete for a Short Sale
  • Renewing a Postlet for a Rental Listing  and reposting it on Craigslist
  • Put together an offer on a Fannie Mae Foreclosure and submitted it through
  • Ordered a Home Warranty
  • Made sure a client was paid at closing
  • Did some research into Project Organization Software for me and my clients possibly use.

Flowery Branch, GA has a Website

Check out the Flowery Branch, GA Website.


Blogging is Not for Everyone!

It has been a while since I have posted a blog. I was doing some maintenance on my website and thought it was about time I posted something new. Everyone says blogging is the key to a good website or to getting more views, but blogging is not easy. At least not to everyone it is easy, me. Oh they say just have a listing of topics at hand and blah blah blah. Okay! It is not that it is hard work really, but more just time consuming. I just spent a good 45 min to and hour trying to find something to post about and it wasn’t this. This little rant came from looking at the clock and realizing how much potential billable time I just wasted. It kind of reminds me of Pinterest. For me anyway. Pinterest is really cool. Lots of great  information and things you can learn and do. Especially if you have a creative side at all. But I have spent more time on there looking then actually doing anything that is on there.

On another note I am not a good writer either. Never have been. I get blogging and it has a place. There are many people out there that love to write and this is great for them, but it just isn’t for everyone. I am by no means bashing blogging or bloggers. I have gathered so much great information from blogs. So please no one take this the wrong way. This is more coming from frustration of being told I need to do something I really hate doing. Like homework in your worst subject, dieting to loose weight, buying tires for your car, or paying for insurance. You must do it, but it really isn’t what you want to do. Still I will try to post from time to time just to see if I can get maybe just one passerby. Who knows.

Time Management & Growing your Business for Real Estate Agents

Don’t worry if you don’t have EVERY single new gadget or real estate app.

Do know which technology tools work best for your business and help make your customer service extraordinary so that you get generate endless referrals.

Don’t get ready to get ready.

DO be prepared, but remember how important it is to just start! For instance, you may feel like you haven’t practiced your scripts enough. Yet, three hours of lead generation with actual clients would give you tons of experience!

Don’t allow others to interrupt your three hour lead generation time block.

DO set expectations with colleagues and clients about when you will be in touch and what might be an appropriate interruption.

Don’t always feel the need to respond immediately.

Do let people know how much care about providing excellent service and that you will get to them at a prescribed time that is appropriate given the need they have. Prioritize!

Don’t put out fires!

Do have the know-how to separate the emergencies that require your attention and the ones that can be handled at a later date or by another team member.

Don’t over-engage in training and education to the point where your production suffers.

Do set annual goals and attend market center training that will help you achieve them.

Don’t invest a lot of money in your marketing before you master prospecting.

Do focus on crafting your marketing look and message and make sure you are doing the activities that result in dollars: converting leads to appointments and converting appointments to listings.

Don’t try to do everything.

Do choose one or two strategies for generating leads (outside of traditional cold calling) and become a master of it for a set period of time. Farming is an excellent example of this “Do” in action. Many top agents have said that it takes 18 months before farming became a solid lead generation strategy – but they had to stick with it.

Found and copied information from an artical on

Your “Do-Not-Do” List, It is a great artical.

Happy Memorial Day

For the love of country they accepted death. ~ James A. Garfield

Click here for the History of Memorial Day.