Choosing a Gas Provider with the Winter Months Coming Upon Us!


I bring up this topic only because I just had to make the choice myself and it wasn’t as easy as I originally thought. It is that time of year where I have to decide to renew with the company I am currently with or go with another provider. I have been getting ads in the mail advertising the rates of the company I am with and competitors. One I found was going to be charging about ten cents less per therm than my current provider. Easy decision right? So I login to sign up and I get to the part where you accept all the terms and I thankfully noticed that the monthly fee was going to be $3.04 more than what I am already paying. This when that easy decision wasn’t so easy. They will be taking $3.04 more from me each month no matter how much gas I use, but will the saving from the per therm amount make up the difference or not. Hmmm….Well I took the time and pulled up my therm per month used last year and worked it out for both companies and calculated the difference. One company saved me money during the light months while the other saved me money during the heavy months. The difference in the saving is how I made my decision. The answer:  The cheaper monthly service fee is worth a higher per therm rate. It was for me last year at least. Hope this helps someone else making the same decision.

Not sure if you can see this picture, but it is my work on figuring out which would be best.


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