A New Year is Around the Corner

new_year_resolutionI have been so bad this year. I have not posted a blog or Facebook post to my business page since April. I am kicking myself now26578_1229325859902_1431750129_30496304_5538338_n, but need to straighten up, dust myself off and prepare to do better next year. How do I plan to do this? Well I have done a little research and I think I have come up with great ways to get organized and prepared for the year to come. It may help you as well.

1. Evaluate this Past Year – I plan to look over my last year and write down what I did well and what needs improvement. Obviously social media and promoting my business are at the top of that list.

2. Review my current systems – Are they keeping up with the times? Are they efficient? Do I need to add or remove steps? I use checklists so I need to review them and clean them up.

3. Request feedback from current clients – This scares me just a little bit, but it needs to happen. No one wants to hear that they need improvement, but I want to make my clients happy. That is the whole reason I started this business, and if I am not achieving this, I need to know.

4. Thank my clients – If it wasn’t for their continued support I would not be where I am today. They need to know that I appreciate their continued business.

5. Now take this data and set goals for 2015 – I will look at the areas that need to be improved and make a plan and goal to improve them. Make changes to my systems if they are needed. Schedule to review my goal and plans on a weekly bases so that lapses like this social media one don’t happen again.

6. Review Income – Then set a goal for next year. To achieve my goal I will have to work backwards and figure out how much time it will take to reach that goal and then break it down to time per month, per week, and per day. Set those for daily/weekly goals. I just need to be sure to make the goals achievable with my schedule around my family.

Okay I feel better. I have somewhere to start and a plan to make plans. 🙂 Now I need to actually do it. I set the week of Dec. 15th to 19th to be my week to work on this. While I am at it I should attack my person goals as well.

I am ready! I can do it!  2015 will be awesome!!!!

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