Learning the Virtual Property Realty Way

VPRSo far, as a Virtual Assistant, I have been working mostly with agents that work with Keller Williams Realty. Prior to  becoming a VA, I spent 6 years working with a team of agents who worked for Keller Williams and because of that experience, I can say I am an expert at  KW’s compliance rules. Things are different between each individual Keller Williams Broker, as I have learned  working with several different Keller Williams branches,  but they are all using a system called DotLoop for their paperwork, a system I know very well. The differences between each KW branch I have worked for are minor and easily learned. I have worked with other Brokers besides KW, but so far as a VA for those individuals, I have not dealt with their paperwork compliance outside of emailing a copy of the paperwork to the Broker, which is not difficult. Well, today I was asked by a client who has recently decided to changes brokers to go to their agent orientation with her. The new broker is Virtual Property Realty. It is very exciting to learn a new company’s ways and master them like I have with KW. I am going to take all the classes a new agent would take with them to learn their system, and look forward to broadening my knowledge base so that I may offer my assistance to other Virtual Property Realty agents in the future.

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