Business Card I have had my licenses for several years now, but kept it with a holding company. I never saw any benefit to the additional cost to activate my license and to keep it active all year round. Many brokers require you join a Real Estate Board costing $300 to $400 a year then pay a monthly fee on top of that to the broker. I found out recently that Virtual Properties Realty has 3 different options for the level of agent you want to be that are all very affordable. I am under Virtual Properties Realty.BIZ. I pay a one time low fee for the year. If I have a transaction there will be other fees that I would owe at that time, but for someone not planning on having many if any transactions this was the way to go.

Having my license active doesn’t mean that I plan to run out and become a full time Real Estate Agent. No, that is not for me. I am good at what I do as a Virtual Assistant and having my license allows me to offer more assistance to my clients. In case of emergencies or vacations I can show properties and assist in open houses. I don’t want any of my clients thinking of me as competition because that is 100% not the case.

Yet, I will say that if a friend or family member were to ask for my assistance in purchasing or selling their home I would be more than happy to help them to do this. That would be an added bonus to having an active license.

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