Office Policies

 Are You Ready to Get the Help You Need?



  • Office hours are not really set in stone. I think that is a benefit. One of the services I provide is availability. I would like to say my office hours are from 9am to 5pm, but the truth is at 2:30pm I am out the door to pick up my kids during the school year. From 2:30pm to about 4pm I am generally hanging out with my kids, helping them with homework and/or doing chores around the house. Still, if I got a phone call, text, or email with a request for something to be done, I can normally head back to my office to take care of it. The same goes for at night. If I have my phone on me I am never truly out of the office and I don’t mind being asked to do something. This is why I started this business and being available to help is what I do. I won’t guarantee that I will always be available because I do leave the house on occasion, but I will work on it when I return.
  • My preferred method of contact is email so that I can keep track of a task request but if it is a high priority task then please call or text me. Please let me know what kind of deadline is. If I don’t think I will make it I will let you know up front.
  • Please use a shared Dropbox folder to send property photos and other documents to me.

Response Times

  • I return all email inquiries as quickly as possible.
  • All projects are completed as efficiently as possible. If you have a deadline for a project please submit with the request so that I can let you know upfront if I have a conflict and will not be able to make your deadline.

How to Submit Work

    • I have all these forms that can be used, but you can call, email or text me the information just as easily. I think the forms might help some because it will prompt you for all the information I need at once instead of me having going back to you with questions. I think it is more efficient that way
    • New Listings: Complete the New Listing Form and put as many pictures of the property as possible in a folder in Dropbox.
    • Listing agreements: Complete the Listing Agreement Request Form and an email address of where to email the agreement once complete.
    • Contracts: Fill out the Contract Form including a deadline for the forms and an email address of where to email the forms once completed.
    • Transactions: Complete the Transaction Management Form and place all documentation you have i.e. Contract, Disclosures, Commission Agreements, etc. in a fold in Dropbox. I will email you a list of any additional documentation needed.
    • Custom marketing: I will create custom flyers and post cards that will showcase your listings. In order for me to do this in the most effective way, please complete the Custom Advertising Form, and submit property photos via Dropbox.