Services Provided


Each Service can and will be customized to meet your needs!

The below-mentioned is just a rough summary of the many skills I provide. If there are any business services that you need and are not mentioned below, please feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. Call REVA Services for help with whatever is taking up too much of the time you need to be growing your business.

Data Entry

  •  Type up listing agreements, offer, exhibits and amendments
  •  Enter new listings into FMLS and MLS with or without a dual entry form. I will use data from tax records, previous listings and photos to complete the listing. 
  • CRM data entry
  • Quickbook data entry and reconciling (I am not an accountant, but I can do basic data entry)
  • Create forms or letters as needed

Advertisement documents

  • Create flyers from scratch or use broker template flyers (See a flyer design you like I can more than likely create something very similar)
  • Multiple page flyers and Mamorandums 
  • Postcards 
  • Business Cards
  • Signs for Open Houses

photo editing

  • I can brighten up photos or take out an unwanted items such as a sign or car. 
  • Crop out wasted space and rotate so items are straight in the photo.
  • Reduce the size of several photos at one time instead of individually.

Website services

  • Create a custom website
  • Maintain and update an established website
  • Update websites given through MLS or other Broker related systems

Administrative Services

  • Spreadsheet creation and maintenance
  • Word Processing

Telephone services

  • Retrieve voicemail messages once or twice a day and return calls or send email/text message with list of calls (When on Vacation)
  • Call Listing agents for property availability and showing instructions 

Email services

  • Check emails for agent while on vacation.
  • Send emails on behalf of agents 


  • Internet research for any topic you need information for and I will summarize it for you. 
  • Set up searches in either MLS and/or FMLS for clients so they are sent updated listing that meet their criteria
  • Basic CMAs
  • Using tools you have provided by Broker or paid for, send out advertisements of listings. 
  • If time is available, show property for agent